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In The Beginning

Your Sign Company was founded in 1992 by four budding entrepreneurs who saw a need for high quality large format signs in the Grand Junction and Western Colorado area. These founders were Sam and Gladys Dabbs and Mike and Michell Kelly. From these family roots Your Sign Company (YSC as we call it) has held onto these ideals and most of the family has worked here at one time or another. Back in the day we didn't have quite the technology that we have today with the digital printers. Originally we used a large format screen printing method that used silk screens and ink. Each sign had to be screen printed with a particular color, dried, a new screen with the image burned into the screen set up with the next color, and the process started over. This made for a long, tedious, and smelly process. In 1999, YSC made the jump from screen printing to the crazy new system called large format digital printing and never looked back. Since then, Your Sign Company has worked to stay on the cutting edge of the digital printing world and striving to bring to the Western Slope the best possible sign, graphic and decor products available. If there is something you are looking for and we don't showcase it let us know and we will make every effort to make the impossible possible.

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